BCEL1013: Onboarding Employees


Now that you have an understanding of how onboarding can be triggered in BetterCloud, let's walk through what an onboarding workflow looks like. Even the most thoughtful and conscientious administrators may be missing steps, so it is important to review all of the available options you have in your THEN statements. Are you adding a user to all of their required groups? Are you sharing appropriate calendars and ensuring information across SaaS apps is uniform? These are things to consider and ensure are correct when building onboarding through BetterCloud.

Video Overview

By the end of this video, you will be able to...

  • Set up a WHEN (and likely an IF statement) which will serve as your Workflow conditions
  • Add actions to the THEN section of the Workflow Builder, ordering them sequentially as needed across integrated SaaS applications
  • Dynamically select the user's known information so it may populate additional application fields
  • Create user actions across integrations, provisioning the user being onboarded into additional apps
  • Add the user to their required groups, calendars, and other relevant application-specific targets

Automating across numerous applications is possible with "Plus" versions of BetterCloud

Dynamic Fields

Ensuring you're using dynamic fields to fill in user's information across apps and add information to communications is a key part of both onboarding and offboarding. It gives a personal touch to the process for the new user, while also informing stakeholders of the processes happening in the background.

Things Most Often Forgotten

Onboarding is more than just creating a user in an application, which can often be forgotten when onboarding a user into your organization. It's great that you've given them a Slack account, but did you add them to all their channels via a Slack Group? Do they have access to a Drive they need or the company shared holiday calendar? Ensuring you have a complete onboarding workflows that establishes nearly everything an employee needs for their first day is critical to having a great onboarding experience and sets the tone for the employees future with your organization. 

Additional Documentation

What's Next?

Now that you can get users into your organization, let's ensure they can be removed by building out offboarding. This is covered in the next module, titled Offboarding Employees.

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