BCEL1011: Creating Advanced Workflows


Now that you know the basics of creating a Workflow, let's explore some more complex and advanced Workflow capabilities, specifically, how to run a Workflow that touches multiple integrations and has more complex actions.

Video Overview

By the end of this video, you will be able to...

  • Create a multi-SaaS Workflow
  • Understand how dynamic fields can be entered in messaging
  • Realize that apps may have different language for similar actions (eg. suspend vs. freeze)
  • Explain how a Wait for Approval action works within a Workflow
  • Explain how BetterCloud can remediate potential security issues

What Makes Multi-SaaS Workflows Valuable?

The more time you need to spend taking manual action in individual applications, the longer it’ll take to perform tasks or remediate issues. Take, for example, the scenario shown in the video above. A user is found to be forwarding email outside the organization, which is strictly against a security policy. Because our organization in this demonstration takes this very seriously, they decide this user should be held from accessing their accounts until they’re informed by IT and agree to remove the forward. In the example, the IT team would need to touch four different applications: Google, Okta, Salesforce and Slack to get started. Then, once the issue is remediated, go back into each individual application and make the changes needed.

A multi-SaaS Workflow saves this organization time and ensures the security policy is being enforced. Thanks to Alert triggering - as soon as the violation is detected - the Workflow kicks off. Without this Workflow, it could’ve been days, weeks, or months before anyone ever realized the employee was violating a security policy, and vital information could’ve been leaving the organization. 

These multi-SaaS Workflows can also be used for onboarding and offboarding, with these use cases being covered in the next few modules.

Additional Documentation

What's Next?

Now that you know how to build more complex Workflows that touch multiple SaaS apps, let's begin looking at how BetterCloud can help you onboard employees with a single action. To view the next module, Onboarding Employees, click here.

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