BCEL1003: Navigating the Interface


Now that you have BetterCloud installed, let's go through how you can navigate through the platform and find what you're looking for!

Video Overview

By the end of this video, you'll be able to...

  • Explain what can be done within BetterCloud's Dashboard
  • Define Alerts, knowing the difference between the Triggered Alerts and Manage Alerts sections
  • Understand how the DIrectory works, and how BetterCloud displays Users and Groups
  • Locate Files within the Files Grid and view the Scans page
  • View Workflows, understanding the difference between New and Manage
  • Find the Integration Center, and explain where you go to install a SaaS application
  • Define Privileges, and explain how they can be set up
  • Discover the Audit Logs section
  • Get help via the Help Content section of the site

Documentation Related to this Video

This video attempts to go through BetterCloud’s entire user interface, starting with the Dashboard and ending with getting help in the platform. However, if you’re only interested in specific aspects of the platform, and want to know more about them, feel free to check out related documentation below:

What's Next?

Now that you are able to find your way around BetterCloud, let's ensure you're able to get up and running with the SaaS apps found in the Integration Center. To review our Integration Center's apps, and the difference between Full Integrations and Actions-Only Integrations, check out the next video in this series, Integrating Your SaaS Apps.

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