Integrating Egnyte with BetterCloud



When integrating a new application with your BetterCloud instance, the overall installation process is consistent. However, each integration is different, and may require varying levels and types of authentication. This article provides instructions for configuring and collecting all the information you need in order to add the Egnyte integration in BetterCloud.

BetterCloud requires you to enter the following information when integrating with Egnyte:

  • API Token (Egnyte Access Token)

You will also need to enter the following additional environment variable in order to successfully connect:

  • egnyteDomain

Please Note the Following Requirements:

  • Domains on any Egnyte plan may have API Access, however the Admin of the account must set up an Egnyte Developer Account to generate an API Token.
  • See more about Registering for an Egnyte Developer Account here.

API Token

To get started collecting your API token, first verify that you've set up an Egnyte Developer Account. If you haven't already created the account, create it here.


Here you will automatically be provisioned as a developer, and register a new application. 

Set up the application as an “Internal Application” and give the Application a Name, User Base Amount, Platform Type, Description, Domain, and Redirect URI. (Redirect URI will not be used).

Screen Shot 2020-01-02 at 10.42.00 AM

When the application has been created, the Egnyte Connect Application Key will be available here.

Image 2020-01-02 at 10.23.04 AM

After we've collected the Egnyte Connect Application Key, navigate to the Egnyte Interactive Developer Console here.

Screen Shot 2020-01-28 at 10.45.27 AM

To generate the API Key, the Client ID will be your Egnyte Connect Application Key, and the Username & Password will be your Egnyte Developer credentials.

In some cases, admins have reported being unable to retrieve their access token from the Developers website. If this occurs, you can use a curl command from your terminal to retrieve the token. Simply replace your information and credentials in the sample command below.

curl -v --request POST -H "Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded" \
-d grant_type=password -d username=<username> -d password='<password>' \
-d client_id=<clientID> \
-d client_secret=<clientSecret> \

<username> : Egnyte Admin username
<password> : Egnyte Admin email
<clientID> :  Egnyte Connect Application Key
<clientSecret> : Egnyte Connect Client Secret
<domain> : Egnyte domain for your organization

Paste your command into the terminal and press Return/Enter:


You should receive a response similar to the one below. Towards the bottom you will see your Access token, this Access Token can now be copied into the API Key Authorization field in the integration’s configuration. 


If you see any error message please refer to Egnyte’s documentation under Internal Application

Select "Get Access Token" to generate the API Key. This Access Token can now be copied into the API Key Authorization field in the Integration. 


Please Note: When entering your Egnyte API Token in BetterCloud, be sure to prepend the required Bearer prefix.


The domain base url is the unique subdomain URL for your Egnyte instance. You can obtain this by copying the first portion of your URL after logging into Egnyte (it will be just the highlighted text below).


Once you have successfully added the integration, your API Key and Domain can all be updated at any time from your integration’s configuration.

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