BCEL1002: Installing BetterCloud


Now that you understand how BetterCloud works and the capabilities you have with each version of BetterCloud, it's time to get the platform installed!

Video Overview

By the end of this video, you will be able to...

  • Understand how to install BetterCloud, along with your first (primary) application: Google, Office 365 or Okta
  • Log in via a service account and go through each of the prompts, allowing BetterCloud access to the scopes required to perform administrative tasks

Why Use a Service Account and an Incognito Window?

A service account and an incognito window are seen as a best practice for installing BetterCloud for a few reasons. First, a service account divests any one user from ownership of BetterCloud's connection. If you were to install BetterCloud with your personal account, then leave your organization at a later time, the connection to BetterCloud would be broken. Therefore, using a service account ensures that the connection to BetterCloud, its Alerts and and its automated actions will remain in effect. An incognito (or guest) window is also suggested to ensure you cannot mistakenly sign in as yourself during the installation process. If your credentials are saved to your primary browser, you can mistakenly install BetterCloud with your personal account.

Grant Yourself Access!

If you've installed BetterCloud properly, and used a service account when setting up your primary integration, ONLY the service account will have access to BetterCloud. You'll need to visit the Privileges > Manage section of BetterCloud, select Super Admin, then click on the Assigned Users tab to add yourself to the Role. Do keep in mind a couple important things with this.

  • Just because you're an Admin in your primary application, that doesn't automatically make you a Super Admin in BetterCloud. You'll need to add in any additional people you want to have Super Admin access to BetterCloud.
  • The user you add in does not need to be a Super Admin, or really have any admin permissions in your integrated applications. You can grant Super Admin access to anyone in your organization if you feel the need to.
  • If you want to pair down someone's access, you'll want to create a new ROLE, select what they should have access to (based on sections of BetterCloud, down to specific applications they can see), then assign them as users.

Additional Documentation

If you're looking for additional help getting BetterCloud installed, these are great resources for you to review:

What's Next?

Now that you know how to install BetterCloud and can get it up and running, let's explore the user interface. The next video in this Customer Training and Enablement series, Navigating BetterCloud, will walk you through the Dashboard, Integration Center, Directory, Alerts and Workflows. To proceed to the next module, click here.


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