BCEL1008: Creating Advanced Alerts


Now that you understand the basics of Alerts within BetterCloud, and how you can create some simple Alerts, let's examine some more advanced Alerts with additional conditions.

IMPORTANT: Activity-based Alerts and Content Scanning Alerts are for Pro and Enterprise customers only.

Video Overview

By the end of this video, you will be able to...

  • Create an Email Forwarding Alert from a Template (for Google)
  • Build an Alert based on a file being shared from a specific path (for Box)
  • Create a New User Alert with multiple AND conditions (for Okta)

Not All Alerts are Created Equal

Each fully integrated application will have its own alerting capabilities and conditions within the Alert builder. These Alerts and conditions are based on what’s possible within the providers API and/or end points. Therefore, just because you can create an Email Forwarding Alert for Google doesn't necessarily mean you can create one for Office 365; so it's important not to make assumptions when creating Alerts.

Additional Documentation

What's Next?

With this module at an end, you now know a fair amount about Alerts, how to build them and what they can do for you. While being Alerted within BetterCloud is great, it would be even better if you could automate actions across your SaaS applications based on an Alert being triggered. In our next module, that’s exactly what we’ll discuss. By adding an Alert to the THEN section of your Workflow Builder, you’ll be able to add IF conditions and automate THEN actions based on an Alert triggering. To view the next module, Building Basic Workflows, click here.

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