BCEL1001: Understanding BetterCloud Versions


There are currently three tiers of BetterCloud, each with a Plus and non-Plus version. As of today, versions are...

  • Standard and Standard Plus
  • Pro and Pro Plus
  • Enterprise and Enterprise Plus

Video Overview

By the end of this video, you will be able to...

  • Define the different versions of BetterCloud and their capabilities

Single versus Multi-Integrations

All versions of the platform will allow you to install BetterCloud with your primary application, be it G Suite, Office 365 or Okta. The Standard, Pro and Enterprise (non-Plus) version of each application will only integrate with one of these applications. Plus versions of each tier will allow you to integrate with  each standard starting app (G Suite, Office 365 or Oka) plus additional SaaS apps such as Atlassian, Box, Dropbox, Slack, Zoom and many more. To view a full list or applications that you're able to integrate with BetterCloud, feel free to review our Integration Center page.

Full versus Actions-Only Integrations

While Plus versions of BetterCloud allow you to integrated with additional SaaS applications, it is important to remember that there are two types of integrations.

  • Full Integrations ingest metadata about users, groups, files and organizational units, allowing you to trigger Alerts and Workflows
  • Actions-Only Integrations do not ingest metadata and cannot naively trigger Alerts and Workflows, but you are still able to perform actions via the actions button and add actions to the THEN section of Workflows.

BetterCloud Versions: Standard, Pro and Enterprise

Knowing the difference between BetterCloud integration types will help differentiate between Standard, Pro and Enterprise versions of BetterCloud. Standard allows you to take action on ingested users, groups and files, create Alerts, run automation through Workflows, view an Audit Log of all actions taking place within BetterCloud, provide other employees access to BetterCloud through Access Roles and have access to our Support team. For Plus customers, you'll also have access to Integration Center, where you'll be able to integrate listed SaaS apps with BetterCloud.

Pro takes all of these features, then adds on activity-based Alerts (such as user logins or file downloads) and content scanning capabilities, which looks for sensitive information and oversharing issues. You'll also be able to install multiple instances of a single SaaS application, so if you have two instances of Slack (ex. Company and DevOps), actions to both can be automated within BetterCloud.

Enterprise adds to the features of Standard and Pro by including an ability to build custom integrations. Therefore, if an app isn't listed in the Integration Center, this doesn't mean you cannot integrate with that application. As long as you understand APIs, JSON, know how to hit end points, build payloads and write data transformations, Enterprise allows you to add additional applications to your version of BetterCloud.

What's Next?

Now that you can identify the different versions of BetterCloud and what each allows you to do, let's get your instance of BetterCloud up and running! Check out our next video, Installing BetterCloud.

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