Integrating Freshservice with BetterCloud



When integrating a new application with your BetterCloud instance, the overall installation process is consistent. However, each integration is different, and may require varying levels and types of authentication. This article provides instructions for configuring and collecting all the information you need in order to add the Freshservice integration in BetterCloud.

Freshservice uses Basic Authentication and allows you to integrate using either username and password or an API Key.

Please note:

  • Some actions require Freshservice Forest
  • We recommend connecting with Admin or Account Admin credentials
  • Recommend limiting the execution rate to 1 request per second.

Freshservice Host

The Freshservice Host variable can be found in the URL of your Freshservice domain. For example, if your Freshservice URL is "", the Freshservice Host variable would be "yourDomain".

Username and Password

If you are integrating with Freshservice using username and password, BetterCloud requires you to enter the following:

  • Username (Admin email address)
  • Password
  • freshserviceHost



If you are using an API Key to authenticate to Freshservice, BetterCloud requires you to enter the following:

  • API Key
  • Dummy password
  • freshserviceHost


For Password, it could be a combination of any character such as 'password'. For more information regarding your API Key please refer to Freshservice's documentation.

Once you have successfully added the integration, your username/API Key, password, and host can all be updated at any time from your integration’s configuration.

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