Zoom Integration Replacement


Install new Zoom Integration

  1. Collect Zoom API Key and Secret Key. See support documentation
    • The existing keys can be used. New ones do not need to be generated.
  2. Navigate to “INTEGRATION CENTER” using the left nav
  3. On the “Discover” tab, find Zoom integration at the bottom and click on it
  4. Click on “Install
  5. Enter a display name for the integration that is different from the already installed one such as “ZOOM - NEW”
  6. Enter zoomApiKey and zoomSecretKey
  7. If you have previously configured workflows with this integration, proceed to the next section and replace the previous integration's Zoom actions in your workflows.

Replace old Zoom Actions in Workflows

  1. Navigate to “WORKFLOW MANAGER”
    1. Click on “WORKFLOWS” on the left nav
    2. Click on “MANAGE” on the submenu under “WORKFLOWS” on the left nav
  2. Find the workflow that has Zoom action(s)
  3. Click on “Edit Workflow” on the action menu of that workflow
  4.  Find the Zoom action in the workflow
  5. Add the same action from the newly created Zoom integration. You should see the new integration's name in the action's description
  6. Remove old Zoom Action from the workflow and save
  7. Repeat this process for each workflow that has Zoom action
  8. Once finished you can proceed with deleting the previously installed Zoom Integration

Delete previously Installed Zoom Integration

  1. Login to BetterCloud
  2. Navigate to “INTEGRATION CENTER” using the left nav
  3. Click on “INSTALLED”
  4. Find your previous “Zoom” integration (it will be at the bottom) and click on it
  5. Click on “Modify”
  6. Click on “Delete Integration”
    • If presented with the “Cannot Delete Integrations with Actions in Active Workflows” warning, record the workflows that are using this integration’s actions. You must remove workflow actions from your previous Zoom integration before you can delete the integration.
    • If no warning is presented, proceed with deleting the integration.
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