Integrating Confluence with BetterCloud


When integrating a new application with your BetterCloud instance, the overall installation process is consistent. However, each integration is different, and may require varying levels and types of authentication. This article provides instructions for configuring and collecting all the information you need in order to add the Confluence integration in BetterCloud.

BetterCloud requires the following authentication type when integrating with Confluence:

  • Username and Password (Basic HTTP Authentication)

You will also need to enter the following additional headers in order to successfully connect:

  • jiraDomainNameBaseUrl
  • jiraApiKey
  • jiraUsername (email address)

*Please note the following important requirements:

  • Though they are technically separate integrations, the connection processes for Confluence, Jira, Jira Service Desk, and Atlassian are the same, and you may use the same API token to authenticate all 4 integrations, if desired.

Username and Password

Username: The email address of the Jira Administrator account you are using to connect.
Password: The API key generated by the Jira Administrator account you are using to connect (see below).

Domain Name Base URL

The base URL allows BetterCloud to direct API calls to the correct Confluence instance. This is the first part of the URL that displays when you log into any of your Atlassian products.



In order to create your API key, navigate directly to the following URL and sign in: 

Click “Create API token.”


Name your token so you can recognize it later.


Once you click “Create,” you will be directed to a pop-up where you can copy the token. Be sure to copy it now, as you will not be able to view or copy it again.


Once you have successfully added the integration, your base URL, API key, and username and password can all be updated at any time in the integration’s configuration.

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