Integrating DocuSign with BetterCloud


DocuSign requires a few elaborate steps to be completed before you are able to integrate the app within your BetterCloud environment. The following is a complete outline of the steps necessary to integrate with DocuSign along with all necessary links to their website.

Process Overview

The following is an overview of the steps that need to be taken before integrating with DocuSign in the Integration Center. Each listed step is explained in its entirety up until the Go Live stage. From there, DocuSign has provided detailed documentation for the remainder of the process:

  1. Go to
  2. Create a sandbox environment
  3. Add an application to the sandbox
  4. Create a dummy user to run the "API tester" action against
  5. Acquire the necessary (5) secrets and place them within the Integration Center
  6. Use the DocuSign API test script to make the required API calls (over 20)
  7. Once the API calls are made, apply for “Go Live
    1. Your sandbox will be reviewed. This will take 5-20 minutes
  8. After your sandbox passes review, click “Promote it to Production”
  9. Update your secrets in the Integration Center with live instance credentials
  10. Use the script to achieve your desired results


Below is a detailed explanation of the necessary steps in order to integrate the DocuSign application into your Integration Center. Be sure to follow each step carefully. Failing to do so will result in not being able to integrate with the app and delaying any work requiring a DocuSign integration.

Creating a Sandbox

To create a sandbox environment, go to and click “Create Sandbox” at the top right corner of the page:


This will create a developer sandbox environment:


Accessing Admin Functions and Acquiring Secrets

There are five (5) secrets needed to send the required test API calls. These are found in the admin settings. To find the admin page, click on the user profile and go to “Go To Admin”. From there, scroll down the left-side of the navigation menu and click  “API and Keys”.


The following are the secret keys necessary to make the test API calls and where they can be found:

  1. API AccountId - located at the top of the API and Keys page
  2. IntegratorKey - is given after adding an app
  3. BaseUrl - for the sandbox, the base URL is 
    1. After completing all requirements and receiving a live environment, the base URL will change dependent upon the account
  4. Username - the email username of the admin or service account
  5. Password - the password for the admin or service account


Adding an App

To add an application, click “Add App/Integration Key”. After doing so, a screen will pop up asking for an application name. After the application name is entered, the following screen will be displayed asking for authentication information and for additional settings to be configured:



Creating a Dummy Account

In order to send the necessary API calls, a dummy (false) user account must be created. To do this:

  1. While on the Admin page, go to “Users”
  2. Click “Add User”
  3. Populate all necessary information fields for the dummy user
    1. Since this is a dummy user, there is little need for any information besides an accurate user email address
  4. Click “Add User”


Placing Secrets in the Integration Center

After acquiring the necessary secrets,  they will need to be placed within the Integration Center. All five (5) secrets will need to be placed in the Integration Center before an API call can be made. To place secrets, select “DocuSign” from your installed integrations list and go to “Environment Variables”:


Click “Add an Environment Variable”. From there enter the following information:

  • Key Name - The generic name for the secret
  • Value - The actual secret key


Enter each secret as Environment Variables, give them a name commensurate with their nature and click “Save”. For consistency, BetterCloud suggests naming the values as they appear in DocuSign. Once a secret is saved, it appears on the Environment Variables tab”:


Note: After your integration is approved and a live environment has been created, be sure to enter the live secrets into the Integration Center as Environment Variables for DocuSign

Making the Test API Calls

For DocuSign specifically, there is a custom action that has been created to make 100 API calls with a single action call. This action is called “API Tester” and can be found within the action engine. To make the necessary API calls:

  1. In the left navigation pane, go to Directory>Users
  2. From the users list, click “Select Action” on the top-right of the page
  3. Scroll down to DocuSign 
  4. Select “API Tester”
  5. Enter the email address of the dummy account created
  6. Click “Take Action”


Go Live

DocuSign has published detailed information regarding the “Go Live” process after the application has been submitted for review. It can be found here.

Permission Sets

BetterCloud allows for DocuSign user permissions to be set using the "Assign User to Permission Set" action:


DocuSIgn requires that their specific permission names are used when modifying permissions for a user. These can be found from inside of your DocuSign sandbox. Simply navigate to: Go to Admin>Permission Sets. The listed permission sets are:

  • DS Admin - DocuSign Admin permission set
  • DS Sender - DocuSign Sender permission set
  • DS Viewer - DocuSign Viewer permission set


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