Integrating Intercom with BetterCloud



When integrating a new application with your BetterCloud instance, the overall installation process is consistent. However, each integration is different, and may require varying levels and types of authentication. This article provides instructions for configuring and collecting all the information you need in order to add the Intercom integration in BetterCloud. 

BetterCloud requires the following authentication type when integrating with Intercom:

  • API Token

API Token

In Intercom, an API token is referred to as an “Access Token.” In order to generate this token, you will need to create an application in Intercom’s developer hub.

Within the developer hub, click the “New app” button.


Name your app and select the “Internal integration” option. If you do not have a previously existing Workspace, you may need to select “New Workspace” from the Workspace dropdown.


Once you create your app you will be presented with an access token. You can also access this token later on under “Your account” > “Authentication” > “OAuth tokens."


When entering your Intercom API token in BetterCloud, be sure to prepend the required "Bearer" prefix:


Once you have successfully added the integration, your API token can be updated from your integration’s configuration at any time.

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