Use Case: Externally Shared Files



Externally Shared Files

If a payroll file is shared externally with someone outside of our company, the external user must be removed, a notification email needs to be automatically sent to the Security Group and the file's sharing settings should be updated to Private.

In this Workflow, use a custom alert to trigger once any files that contain “payroll” in the file name have been shared externally. When this Workflow triggers it will proceed with removing the external collaborator, setting the file’s sharing settings link to private, and notifying the Security Team of the external share.

In this use case, we are using the Box Integration, but we have external file alert options for other providers. This Workflow can also be used for Dropbox which will be shown below.


1. Externally Shared Finance Files Alert

The desired threshold and conditions of the selected custom ‘Externally Shared Files’ Alert will need to be configured in the Alerts Manager section of the platform.

  • For this example, we added the “Name” condition to the custom alert to target externally shared files that contain the word “payroll”.
  • Please note: the ‘contains’ Operator within the alert condition is case sensitive.

You can continue to edit the configurations of the Alert once the Workflow has been created, but for this Use Case we will be keeping the alert’s threshold at 0.


2. Remove File Collaborator

Add the “Remove File Collaborator” action to your Workflow to target and remove the external user that was added to the file as a collaborator.


3. Edit File Sharing Link Settings

Use the “Edit File Sharing Link Settings” action to change the targeted file’s sharing link access level to “People in this file” and set the link expiration.

  • The externally shared file could already have this access level selected, but configuring this in your Workflow will help ensure that this file is not available publicly or to users on your domain.


4. Send Group an Email

Lastly, use the “Send Email to Group” action to notify your company’s Security Group of the externally shared payroll file. Then use the Subject and Body fields to configure your custom email message.


Additional Alert and Workflow Example

Here is an example of how the ‘Files Shared Externally’ Dropbox alert can be customized and used in a Workflow.  


Custom Dropbox Alert:


Dropbox Workflow Example:



Custom O365 Alert:


Custom O365 Workflow:


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