Use Case: Super Admin Count Exceeded



Super Admin Count Exceeded

If the number of Super Admins in G Suite exceeds our company threshold, we would like an automatic option to revoke Super Admin access and notify the primary IT Admin via Slack DM.

This Workflow below will automate the process of revoking super admin access to any users that are granted super admin privileges and exceed the threshold of your Alert. Once the privileges have been revoked, the primary IT Admin will be notified via Slack message.


1. ‘Super Administrator Count Exceeds Threshold’ Google Alert

The desired threshold of the ‘Super Administrator Count Exceeds Threshold’ system Alert will need to be configured in the Alerts Manager section of the platform prior to creating your Workflow.

  • In our example below, we have the alert enabled with a threshold set to 5, but you can set the threshold to the desired number of Admins that should be allowed on your Google instance.  


2. Revoke Super Admin

Next, we will target the user that triggered the alert and revoke the assigned Super Admin privileges from their Google account.


3. Send Slack Direct Message

Lastly, select the Primary IT Admin’s account to send a Slack Direct Message to once the alert has been triggered and the super admin privileges have been revoked. The body of this slack message will display the full name of the recently revoked user.Screen_Shot_2018-12-06_at_6.09.46_PM.png

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