Use Case: Publicly Shared Files



Publicly Shared Files

If any Box folder under the ‘Finance’ path is shared publicly, we need the folder’s sharing settings changed and the IT Admin channel notified via Slack automatically.

The Workflow below, will trigger once the custom ‘Publicly Shared Box Finance Folder’ alert has exceeded its threshold from this point forward. After the alert has been triggered, the folder’s sharing link settings will be automatically updated and the IT Team’s channel will receive a message about the publicly shared folder in Slack.

In this use case we will be using a Box alert as an example, but in the event an employee is sharing publicly from Slack or Dropbox, we have public sharing alerts available for other providers that you can use in Workflows which will be shown below.


1. ‘Publicly Shared Box Finance Folder’ Alert

The desired threshold and conditions of the selected custom ‘Publicly Shared Box Finance Folder’ Alert will need to be configured in the Alerts Manager section of the platform.

  • For this example, we added the “Path” condition to the custom alert to target publicly shared folders that contain the word “finance” in their path.
    • All alerts do not have the same conditions available for customization. For example, the ‘Path’ condition is not available for the ‘Files Shared Publicly’ Slack alert.
  • Please note: the ‘contains’ Operator within the alert condition is case sensitive.

You can continue to edit the configurations of the Alert once the Workflow has been created, but for this Use Case we will be keeping the alert’s threshold at 0.


2. Edit Folder Sharing Link Settings

Use the “Edit Folder Sharing Link Settings” action to target the folder that triggered your Workflow and proceed with changing the access level and link expiration.

In this use case, we selected the ‘People in this folder’ access level to stop public sharing and keep the contents within this targeted folder only available to the people the folder is shared with explicitly. We are using the ‘Keep current setting’ option for the link expiration, in our example, but you can change the sharing link settings to the other provided options if desired.


3. Send Slack Channel Message

Lastly, select the ‘Send Slack Channel Message’ action to notify the IT Team by Slack message. The Body of your Slack message will send the specific folder name that was shared publicly and an update of the sharing setting change.


Additional Alerts and Workflow Actions

Here are some additional examples below of how public sharing in your company can be managed with Slack and Dropbox alerts and how action can be taken with the corresponding Workflow actions.



Files Shared Publicly


Workflow Action

Revoke Public Sharing Link - If files are shared publicly in Slack, use this action in Workflows to revoke the public sharing link for the file.




Files with Public Sharing Links


Workflow Action

Delete File Sharing Link - If a file is shared publicly in Dropbox and you want the sharing link completely removed, use this action to delete the shared link for the file that triggers the ‘Files with Public Sharing Links’ alert.

  • Note that even after deleting a shared link for a file, the file may be accessible if there are shared links leading to any of the file parent folders.


Office 365

Office 365 Alert:


Office 365 Workflow:


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