Use Case: Empty Groups



Empty Groups

When a (Dropbox) Group has 0 members, we need a Zendesk Ticket opened automatically with our IT Team to investigate the absence of group membership and a notification message sent via Slack.

The monitoring of Empty Groups can be automated in Workflows when the Empty Groups (Dropbox) Alert has been triggered. Once the Workflow has been triggered, a new Zendesk ticket will be created for further investigation and the IT Team will be sent a Slack message in the it-team Slack channel.  


1. Empty Groups Dropbox Alert

The desired threshold of the ‘Empty Groups’ Dropbox system Alert will need to be configured in the Alerts Manager section of the platform prior to creating your Workflow. In our example below, we have the alert enabled with a threshold set to 0.


2. Create Zendesk Ticket

Select the ‘Create Ticket’ Zendesk action to keep a record within your IT ticketing system and further investigate the absence of members in your targeted empty Dropbox group.


3. Send Slack Channel Message

Lastly, select the “Send Channel Message” action to quickly notify the IT Team in your company about the newly triggered Empty Groups alert. The body of this Slack message will display the name of the Dropbox empty group and provide a direct to your new Zendesk ticket.


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