Use Case: Default Groups Settings



Default Groups Settings

We have empowered end users on our domain to have the ability to create new Groups. To ensure the Group settings for these newly created Groups follow our company policy, we want to automate a way to enforce specific internal settings for the Group and the members within the Group.

The desired default Group Settings option can be automated in Workflows when any new Google Group has been created. Once it has triggered, the Workflow will proceed with enforcing the configured group permission, membership, and posting settings.


1. Send Group an Email

Use the “Send Email to Group” action to notify the IT Group of the new group creation. Then use the To and Body fields to configure your custom email message.


2. Set Group Permission, Membership, and Posting Settings

Next, select the Group Permission, Membership, and Posting Settings actions in your Workflow to enforce the desired group default settings that comply with your company policy.

Group Permission Settings

This group action will set the Google group's permission settings, such as who can view the group, if the group is shown in the Directory, and more.


Group Membership Settings

This action will set the targeted group's membership settings, such as who can join the group, who can view membership, and more.


Group Posting Settings

And lastly, this action will configure the group's posting settings, such as who can send emails to the group, spam moderation, and if web posting is allowed.


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