On-Demand Workflows in BetterCloud


On-Demand Workflows

On-Demand Workflows give admins the control of executing bulk actions without having to wait on receiving an event. Using this tool will allow you to create complex multi-step cross-Connector Workflows that can be executed whenever you need them.


You can access all of your Workflows from the Actions menu on any grid and they can be used with any Workflow status ( Draft, Published, or Inactive). They can be run with or without selecting a target from the grid first. If you select a target from the grid, you will see dynamic fields available within each action. Otherwise, you will simply need to add the targeted information manually to the needed fields.

To get started, select your desired Workflow from the “Workflows” category in the Actions menu, then proceed with configuring the preset actions in your On-Demand Workflow. The Workflow will be prepopulated with any information that was inputted during its creation, but you can make any adjustments for this specific run:


You can also use the toggle to disable or enable any of the actions in your On-Demand Workflow. If you disable an action, it will collapse and be "greyed" out in your list.


Once the On-Demand Workflow is configured to your liking, you can simply click on the blue “Run Workflow” button to kick off the set of actions.

  • If you attempt to run an incomplete On-Demand Workflow, you will see a red highlight on the action that needs to be completed.


Next, you should see a grey toaster message that notifies you that the On-Demand Workflow is in progress. This notification banner will also provide you a link that leads directly to the Workflow’s Results page:


You can view each action’s status by clicking “View Report” from the Workflow Results fly-out. If an action was disabled, you will see “Manually Disabled” next to each action


Important Notes:

  • A Workflow with any status can be used for On-Demand Workflows: Draft, Published, or Inactive.
  • The Workflow must already exist before it can be run on-demand. It cannot be created from the Actions pane. All changes to an On-Demand Workflow must be made through the “Workflows Manager” page.
    • New actions cannot be added or reordered through your On-Demand Workflow directly from the Actions menu.
  • Only users that have access to Workflows in their assigned Role-Based Privilege can have access to the On-Demand Workflows feature.
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