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This article will provide an introduction to the Workflow Builder, where you can create and edit workflows prior to activating them. After activating your workflow, you can also return to the Builder to make changes to your criteria.

To access the Workflow Builder, navigate first to the "Workflows" section of your BetterCloud for G Suite top bar.  Blue_Connectors_Button.png

When you have reached the new BetterCloud app, select "Workflows from the left side of your window, and "New" from the dropdown menu.


The Workflow Builder is divided into four sections:

  • Selector - where you select events, conditions, and actions for your workflow
  • Workspace - where your selector criteria are placed, to build your workflow, and where your workflow is given a name
    • Workflow Notifications - where you can enable the option to send a notification once a Workflow completes with the status of the Workflow.
  • Properties - where you configure individual conditions and actions
  • Setup - where you can save, activate or delete your workflow


A workflow typically consists of one event, one condition, and a few actions.

  • An event (when) is something that triggers a workflow to start
  • A condition (if) is scope that is added to an event
  • An action (then) is something a workflow does

Conditions and actions may have criteria that need to be specified, such as the names of directory items (users, groups or org units), new passwords, and criteria run lengths, to name a few. When your selector items are added to the workspace in your Workflow Builder, necessary criteria will appear in the properties section for you to further manage.

When you're ready to create your workflow, click here for a detailed walk-through: How to Create a Workflow

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