Use Case: Watermarking Externally Shared Files in Box


Watermarking Externally Shared Files in Box

As a company, we often share confidential files with our external legal team that contain restricted company information. How can we protect our sensitive content and prevent any unauthorized confidential sharing?

This Workflow will automate the process of enabling a watermark containing the current viewer’s email address or user ID for any externally shared file that has the word “confidential” in the title. This will provide an automated extra layer of protection to the files on your domain that contain sensitive content. This Workflow will also provide additional visibility by notifying your IT Team.

Please note: Watermarking is only available for Developer, Enterprise, and Elite Box accounts.


1. Files Marked Confidential Shared Externally Alert

The Files Marked Confidential Shared Externally alert will trigger your Workflow once any Box file on your domain is shared externally and contains the word “confidential” in the title of the file.

This is a custom Alert built from the default “Externally Shared Files” BetterCloud system alert, that must be created and configured prior to creating your Workflow. You can continue to edit the configurations of the Alert once the Workflow has been created. For more information about creating a custom Alert, please refer to our help center article.

  • This Alert threshold should be set to 0 to capture every file that meets the alert conditions.


2. Enable Watermarking For File

With the selected action in Workflows, you can target the violating file that needs action taken and watermarking enabled when your custom Alert threshold has been exceeded.


3. Send Email to Group

Use the Send Email to Group action in your Workflow to target the IT Group on your domain and notify them of the file watermarking and alert violation.

  • The CC and BCC fields are optional in this action and are not required when publishing your Workflow.

Next, you can add your desired Subject and Body that will be sent directly to the targeted group when the Workflow is triggered.


Watermarking provides a strong deterrent against the improper use of shared data by placing the accessing user’s information on the file they’re viewing. Here’s an example of the watermarking option below:


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