Known Issue: Some Third Party App IDs Changed


The IDs of some third-party apps have changed and since this is the unique identifier, BetterCloud is recognizing them as a new app. You may be affected in one or more of the following ways:

  1. If an application has been previously blacklisted or whitelisted, any app that had their ID changed would come back in as Unresolved.
  2. If your domain is utilizing Apps policies, some apps may have been unintentionally blacklisted or whitelisted.

We have identified the following apps as having their IDs changed:

  • Android device
  • Google Chrome
  • iOS Account Manager

Please review your apps by navigating to Google Apps > Apps > Audit and changing the status of any app that may have unintentionally changed. If you have further questions, please contact Support by utilizing in-app chat or emailing

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