Use Case: Assign License to User Added to Group



Assign License to User Added to Group

Our Accounting department needs access to the O365 Suite of Apps, but other departments in our company do not. When a user is added as a member of the Accounting Group in Google, there needs to be a process in place to automatically assign an O365 Business License to their account.

Assigning the desired O365 Business License can be automated in Workflows when any user has been added to the Accounting Google Group. Please note, the licenses for any provider selected must be available in order for the action to succeed.


1. IF the Group is…

Select the “Accounting” Google group in your Workflow to target the users that have been specifically added to this group.


2. Assign O365 License

Lastly, target the user and select the type of Office 365 License you want to assign to the user’s account. Please note: only the available O365 Licenses will populate in the field when selecting the license for the targeted user. And this user must already have an O365 and Google account created.


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