Use Case: Add User to Group Based on OU



Add User to Group Based on OU

When a user is moved into the Sales Org Unit, the user should also be automatically added to the corresponding Sales Groups in all of our Saas Applications to increase our admins' productivity.

In order to achieve this task with multiple Saas Applications, you will first need confirm that all applicable Integrations (Google, Box, Dropbox, Zendesk, Slack, Okta, etc.) have been added to your BetterCloud instance.


You can automate this process by moving a user into the Sales Org Unit to trigger your Workflow. Once it triggers, the Workflow will proceed with adding the user to all of the corresponding “Sales” groups for each provider.


1. IF the Org Unit Is…

Select the 'Org Unit' in your Workflow's IF condition to target the user who is moved into the chosen Org Unit.


2. Add Member/User to Group

The “Add Member/User to Group” action is selected for each applicable provider in this Workflow and will need to be configured according to the provider’s requirements.

For example, the “Add Member to Group” action for the Box Integration requires the selection of the user’s role in the chosen group. Please see the video clip below for closer look into the Box action requirements:


Additional Requirements:

  • In order to add a user to the Okta Sales group in your BetterCloud Workflow, the Group will need to be an ‘Okta Group’ for selection. You cannot add members to ‘App Groups’ within Okta and they can only be viewed within the BetterCloud Group Directory grid.


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