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This article will cover some possibilities as to why your Workflow may have failed, or may not have triggered when expected.

Failed Actions

If a workflow action fails to complete successfully, the Workflow will be logged with a status of either "Complete with errors" or "Failed to Complete" in the Workflow Results.


To view more information about why the action failed, click on the instance ID of the workflow, and locate the action that failed. Selecting "View Details" for the failed action will display more information about the failure.

For supported actions you can view the API response, which provides you with the failure message directly from the application where the action is being taken. This allows you to self-diagnose the reason the action may not have succeeded.


Within the response page, you can copy the response or contact BetterCloud Support if you require further assistance.


When clicking the link within the response, your message will be pre-populated with relevant troubleshooting information. Providing our Support team with this information may help speed up the process, and will generally allow for a quicker resolution.

Please note the following limitations for viewing API responses:

  • API responses are available for the following providers: Google, Okta, Office 365, Dropbox, Namely, Zendesk, Salesforce, and Box. If you would like assistance troubleshooting an action failure for another provider or for a custom integration, please use the live chat widget or contact
  • Only BetterCloud Super Admins have the required permissions to view API responses

Workflow Not Triggering

Triggers Syncing into BetterCloud

It is possible that your Workflow has not kicked off due to the triggering event not yet syncing into BetterCloud. You can confirm that the change has synced in by clicking into the targeted entity from the Directory or Files grid. A Workflow will only trigger after the relevant information shows up in the fly-out - if the old information still displays, then we likely have not synced in the change yet. To check on the scheduled sync times across our different integrations, please refer to this article.

If your Workflow is triggered by an Alert, it is also best to first confirm that the results have populated in the Triggered Alerts section. Please note: Workflows will only run for targets that exceed the Alert threshold from the point of publishing the Workflow going forward. To retroactively trigger a Workflow on an entity that has already triggered an Alert, you can run the Workflow on-demand.

If you need to re-trigger a Workflow, please be sure to confirm that the first change has synced into our system before making the second change. For example, if you are triggering a Workflow with an OU change, please wait until the move out of the OU is shown in the User 360 fly-out for the user:


After the change appears in the User 360 fly-out, you can then make the change back into the OU that meets the Workflow condition to re-trigger it.

System Lag

Sometimes the system could be processing a high volume of data, causing some delay in Workflows triggering. Although the data has not been brought in at the expected time, it is in a queue and will work through the system, allowing the Workflow to trigger once the queue is processed. If you find that data is taking a long time to update in BetterCloud please contact support by utilizing the in-app chat on the bottom right corner of the page or emailing

Workflow or Alert Conditions Not Met

It is also possible that the triggering change has not met the conditions set up in the Workflow. For example, if your Workflow has multiple conditions:


It could be possible that the entity being pushed through the system may meet one, but not all, of the conditions and therefore will not trigger the Workflow. This can be resolved by re-triggering the Workflow as described above with a change that matches all of the conditions.

If your Workflow is triggered from an Alert, you can also confirm that the triggering event meets the Alert conditions under Alerts > Manage and clicking the “Edit” button next to the Alert.


Okta to G Suite Provisioning

If you are provisioning a user from Okta to G Suite, it is possible that the user is missing the “primary” attribute that is necessary to evaluate conditions and trigger a Workflow. BetterCloud requires this attribute to exist for the user in order to properly ingest user data and run Workflows. You can learn more about this scenario and learn how to add the necessary attribute in this article.

"In Progress" Workflows

It is also possible that your workflow is actively running, but you don't see it in the Workflow Results. If a Workflow is in progress or has a Wait for Duration action in it, it will be listed at the end of your results when you select "View Results" from the Workflow Manager. Here is an example of a workflow with a Wait for Duration Action:


If all signs point to your Workflow kicking off, and you are working with a long Workflow or one with a Wait for Duration action, it's a good place to check! You can also filter by Workflows that are currently in a waiting period:


If you run through this article and still do not see your Workflow trigger, or are experiencing any other issues, please check our status page or reach out to Support either through in-app chat or by emailing

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