Use Case: Assign ‘Vault Former Employee’ Google License to Deprovisioned User



Assign ‘Vault Former Employee’ Google License to Deprovisioned User

To comply with our mandatory Legal Hold that must be placed on every offboarded user, we need an automation that will rename a user's primary email address and assign a VFE license instead of deleting their account to retain company records.

In this example, this Workflow will trigger once the user has been moved into the configured “Legal Hold” Org Unit. The Workflow will then proceed with taking the desired offboarding actions which will automatically rename the user’s primary email address and assign a VFE license to the account.


1. IF the Org Unit Is…

Select the 'Org Unit' in your Workflow's IF condition to target the user who is moved into the ‘Legal Hold’ Org Unit.


2. Deprovision Actions...

Proceed with adding the desired Deprovisioning actions in your Workflow that will automate the offboarding process for the targeted users and will comply with your legal hold.

  • Click here to see a list of pre-filtered BetterCloud Offboarding Google actions that can be used in your Deprovisioning Workflow.


3. Rename Primary Email Address

Use the “Rename Primary Email Address” action in your Workflow, to target and change the user’s email address for your Vault Former Employee records. Please note the format must be configured in the “New Email” field to properly update the user’s email address.

In our example, to help simplify account management, we used ‘VFE’ to identify the type of license being applied, the current date format (i.e. MMDDYYY), and the username in our renaming process.

The targeted user’s email address will change from to once the “Rename Primary Email Address” action has completed.


4. Assign License

Lastly, select the "Assign License” action in your Workflow to automatically apply the Vault Former Employee (VFE) license to the targeted user’s account.

Depending on your company’s environment, you could apply either a Vault or Vault Former Employee license to the targeted user’s account:

  • Vault Former Employee (VFE) licenses are no-cost licenses that allow a Vault administrator to search, hold, export, and retain data in Vault for inactive user accounts. These licenses remove all Google licenses from user accounts and turn off all licensed apps and services except Vault.
    • This feature is currently available only for customer domains that have transitioned from Postini (Google Message Discovery) to Vault.
  • Vault licenses can be assigned to individual users, Org. Units, or to all users in a domain. Each user whose data you want to search, hold, export, or retain in Vault must have a Vault license.


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