Use Case: Onboarding from HR Platform



Onboarding from HR Platform

When our HR Team creates a new user in the Namely app, I would like to automate the process of also creating their new accounts in all other SaaS applications integrated with our domain.

In order to achieve this task with multiple SaaS Applications, you will first need confirm that all necessary Integrations (Namely, Google, Slack, Box, Zendesk, Okta, etc.) have been added to your BetterCloud instance.


1. New User Namely Alert

The desired threshold of the selected system Namely Alert will need to be configured in the Alerts Manager section of the platform.

  • Please note: You can continue to edit the configurations of the Alert once the Workflow has been created, but for this Use Case we will be keeping the alert’s threshold at 0.


When the Workflow has been published, it will only trigger once the New User Namely Alert has exceeded its threshold from that point forward. After the alert has been triggered, the targeted user’s account will also be created in Google, Slack, Zendesk, and any other provider that you choose, automatically.


2. Create User

The “Create User” action is selected for each provider in this onboarding Workflow and will need to be configured according to the provider’s requirements.

For example, the Create User action for the Office 365 Integration requires a specifically strong password with 8-16 characters, uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. This action also requires a Display Name with a First Name (space) Last Name format, and a Mail Nickname with the following format: firstname.lastname.

See example below for the Office 365 Integration format requirements:

3. Email Notifications

  • Email notifications can be configured in this Workflow to notify any admins of the Workflow’s completion, along with the status.



Important / Requirements

  • To use the Create User action for the Slack Integration please confirm that your organization is on a compatible plan. Slack Plus and Enterprise Grid plans are required for use of this action in Workflows.

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