Scheduled Syncs Per Provider


Every provider that we connect with has different methods which allow us to pull information into BetterCloud. Once we receive and process the information, it will automatically display in the grids in BetterCloud and take action if it meets the conditions of Alerts or Workflows. These schedules differ across providers to prevent us from hitting different API rate limits.

Please note: The sync times below are how often we retrieve the new data from the provider. It is possible that the data will take a bit longer to process through our system. If you find that data is taking a long time to update in BetterCloud please contact support by utilizing the in-app chat on the bottom right corner of the page or email

Types of Syncs

BetterCloud syncs information in two different ways: Push notifications and Activity feed. 

Push notifications: If an entity is subscribed to push notifications, the provider automatically sends us a message within a few minutes.

Activity feed: If an entity is updating via the activity feed, we go to the provider at a specified interval to retrieve any changes in that window.

Scheduled syncs per provider

Azure AD

Users, Groups, and Group Memberships: Every 5 minutes


Users and Groups: Every 5 minutes

Files: Every 10 minutes (Changes can take several days to sync into BetterCloud. We are working on optimizations to sync these changes in quicker)


Users and Groups: Every 2 minutes

Files: Every minute


Users, Groups, and Org Units: Every 5 minutes

User settings (email forwarding, email filters, etc): Every 12 hours

Files: Push notifications as received from the provider

Note: All Group creations, deletions, and membership updates orchestrated from within the Google Groups console are omitted from the 5 minute Activity Feed syncs and will be captured within 24 hours by a separate full sync.


Users: Every 5 minutes

Groups: Every 15 minutes

Files: Every 30 seconds


Users and Groups: Every 15 minutes


Users: Every minute

Groups: Every 5 minutes

Note: Certain user updates, including updates to administrator privileges, sync every 7 days


Users, Groups and role memberships: every 5 minutes

Adding Users to a group: 5 minutes

Removing a user from a group: Once a day

Roles: 24 hours

Note: Group removals in OneLogin are not synced in every 5 minutes. These removals will be synced with BetterCloud once every 24 hours on a separate full sync.


Users and Groups: Every 10 minutes


Users, user groups, and channel memberships: Push notifications as received from the provider

Channels: Every 15 minutes

Files: Push notifications as received from the provider


Users: Every 5 minutes

Groups and Organizations: Every 30 minutes

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