Okta Events, Conditions, and Actions in Workflows


This article provides an overview of the available events (WHEN), conditions (IF), and actions (THEN) that you'll find in Workflows from the Okta connector in BetterCloud.



Administrator Added

Severity: Critical

Description: An admin was added.

Trigger: Alert me when Administrator Added exceeds threshold of 0.

Administrator Removed

Severity: Critical

Description: An admin was removed.

Trigger: Alert me when Administrator Removed exceeds threshold of 0.

Administrator Count Exceeds Threshold

Severity: Critical

Description: The number of Okta global administrators has exceeded the threshold set.

Trigger: Alert me when Administrator Count Exceeds Threshold of 3.

New User

Severity: Minor

Description: This event triggers when any new Okta user is created. Add conditions to define this event further.

Trigger: Alert me when New User exceeds threshold of 0.

User Added To Group

Severity: Minor

Description: This event triggers a workflow when any user is added to any group in Okta.

Trigger: Alert me when User Added to Group exceeds threshold of 0.




This condition scopes group-related workflow events by Okta group.


User's Department

This condition scopes events by a user's department.


Please note: All actions can be taken manually from the "Actions" drop-down menu in the upper right corner of the BetterCloud screen, if applicable, or added to a workflow as a THEN action for automation. 


Add User to Group

This action adds a user to a group in Okta. Note: Only memberships for groups with OKTA_GROUP type can be modified.


Activate User

This action activates a user account in Okta. Please note that users who don’t have a password must complete the welcome flow by visiting the activation link to complete the transition to 'ACTIVE' status.

Create User

This action creates a user account in Okta.

Deactivate User

This action deactivates a user account in Okta.

Edit User Profile

This action updates the following user profile fields in Okta: Username, First Name, Last Name, Middle Name, Honorific Prefix, Honorific Suffix, Primary Email, Title, Display Name, Nickname, Profile URL, Secondary Email, Mobile Phone, Primary Phone, Street Address, City, State, Zip Code, Country Code, Postal Address, Preferred Language, Time Zone, User Type, Employee Number, Cost Center, Organization, Division, Department, ManagerId, and Manager. Please note - only fields that are completed will be updated. Leaving a field blank will not overwrite existing user profile data.

Reset Factors

This action resets all factors for a user in Okta. Please note, all MFA factor enrollments for the user will be returned to the unenrolled state.

Reset Password

This action resets a user's password with a one-time token in Okta. Please note, the user will not be able to log in or initiate a forgot password flow until they complete the reset flow.

Suspend User

This action suspends a user account in Okta.

Unlock User

This action unlocks a user account in Okta. Please note - this action works with Okta-mastered users. It does not support directory-mastered accounts such as Active Directory.

Unsuspend User

This action unsuspends a user account in Okta.

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