Use Case: Super Admin Role Change



Super Admin Role Change

When a Super Admin on our IT Team transitions into a new role, we need a process that automatically changes their privileges across all of our SaaS applications.

Please note: if you need assistance with changing the Primary Super Admin that authenticates between BetterCloud and your connected providers, please contact BetterCloud Support first for assistance with this process to prevent loss of connection.

This use case gives you the option of terminating a Super Admin from your company or simply revoking their admin rights and granting them limited End User access. The Workflow will be triggered once the user has been removed from the selected Group and will proceed with the desired role changing actions.


1. IF the Group Is…

Select the 'Group' of your Workflow's IF condition to target the user specifically removed from the chosen “Admins” group.


2. Remove User from BetterCloud Access Role

This is an important action in your Workflow which will revoke the user’s ability to access the BetterCloud platform.

  • Custom Role-Based Privileges must be configured in BetterCloud and users can only access if they are assigned to a role. These roles must be managed in BetterCloud separately from Google Admin Roles in and Access Controls in


3. Convert Box Co-Admin to User

In your Workflow, use the next action to target the user and convert their Box ‘Co-Admin’ privileges to the privileges of a ‘User’. For Enterprise Box accounts, this action will not convert the Administrator to a Co-Admin or User. 

  • Box co-admins can perform the same duties as the organization’s Admin, but they cannot make changes to the Admin’s permissions.


4. Set Dropbox Member’s Role

To remove admin access in Dropbox, use the “Set Member’s Role” action to target the user and select ‘Member’ as their new role in the application.


5. Revoke Google Super Admin

The “Revoke Super Admin” action will revoke the user’s super admin access in the Google Admin Console, and change their account status in the older BetterCloud platform ( to “End User”.

  • Super Admin permissions in g.bettercloud are inherited from the Google Admin Console automatically. Once they are removed in Google they will also be removed in the older BetterCloud platform (


6. Edit User's Salesforce Profile

Select the “Edit User's Profile” action in your Workflow to remove the ‘System Administrator’ profile from the targeted user’s Salesforce account. We have selected the “Read Only” profile that will grant them read-only access within the Salesforce application.


  • In our use case we are using this action as an assumption that the user is a Super Admin in the company, and their profile is listed as the System Administrator. In your environment, you may have several different profiles within your Salesforce application, so your user could have a different profile assigned to their account. Each user can only have one profile assigned at a time. 

7. Remove from Slack User Group

Apply the “Remove from User Group” Slack action to your Workflow to remove the targeted user’s access to the ‘IT Team’ Group in Slack.


8. Set User’s Zendesk Role

The last action in your Workflow, ‘Set User’s Role’, will require a selection from the provided drop down menu. In this example, we will be assigning the targeted user to the preset End User role settings within Zendesk.

  • You will also have the option of setting the user’s role as an Agent if you still want the user to have that level of access in Zendesk.


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