Use Case: Sharing a Company-Wide Calendar



Sharing a company-wide calendar

When provisioning multiple employees, we often share important Calendars manually, such as our PTO Calendar, which can be pretty tedious. How can we automate this process?

This Workflow below will trigger when any new user is created in Google and will automate the process of sharing the ‘PTO Calendar’ with their Google Account.


1. Share Calendar

Target the newly created Google user in the properties section of your Workflow and type in the desired calendar name to retrieve and select the company-wide Calendar.


2. Select Calendar Permissions

Assign the desired calendar sharing permission of your choice. In this example, ‘View’
access was selected which will only grant the user access to View the calendar without the ability
to Edit.


Important Requirements

  • In the Admin Console, Calendars must be listed as "On for Everyone” or for the Org Units that need calendar access: > Apps > G Suite > Calendars:


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