Use Case: Set Calendar Timezone



Set Calendar Timezone

When creating new users on my domain, it would be great if I can set the timezone based on their region or location. Is there a way to automate this process for their Calendars?

You can automate the process of setting the Calendar Timezone for newly created users when adding them to the designated Org. Unit. In this example, this Workflow will trigger and take action once the new user is added to the “San Francisco” Org. Unit.  


1. IF the Org Unit Is…

Select the 'Org Unit' of your Workflow's IF condition to target the user specifically moved into the chosen Org Unit.


2. Set Calendar Timezone

Next, target the new user(s) that will be moved to the San Francisco Org Unit and select the desired country and timezone configured in the Properties section of the Set Calendar Time Zone action. 


Important / Requirements

  • In the Google Admin Console, the Calendar App must be listed as "On for Everyone” or for the Org Units that need calendar access: > Apps > G Suite > Calendars:

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