Use Case: External Email Forwarding (Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo)



External Email Forwarding (Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo)

When an employee in my company creates an external Email Forwarding Rule in Gmail, how can I automate a notification and disable the forwarding rule in their account?

This Workflow will first help you identify users that are forwarding their emails to a personal account within Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo. Then the Workflow will proceed with notifying the user of their violation, and disable their Forwarding settings, once the threshold of the Alert - Users: Email Forwarded to Gmail has been exceeded from this point forward.

In this use case, we are using the Gmail alert, but in the event your employee is forwarding to their personal account in Outlook or Yahoo, we have alerts called "Users: Email Forwarded to Outlook" and "Users: Email Forwarded to Yahoo" that will allow you to automate the process for disabling those forwarding rules as well.  


1. Users: Email Forwarded to Gmail Alert

The desired threshold of the selected system Email Forwarded to Gmail Alert will need to be configured in the Alerts Manager section of the platform.

  • Please note: You can continue to edit the configurations of the Alert once the Workflow has been created, but for this Use Case we will be keeping the alert’s threshold at 0.


2. Send Email to User

Send an email to the company Admin in the ‘To’ field of the Send Email to User action. Then use the Subject and Body fields to configure your custom email message that will be sent automatically when the Forwarding Alert has been triggered.


3. Set Forwarding Settings

Lastly, target the internal user and disable their Forwarding Rule created in Gmail, by selecting the ‘Disabled’ option from the drop-down menu.


  • Please note: once “Disabled” has been selected, you will no longer have the option of configuring the additional settings below:


Even if disabled, the Forwarding alerts in BetterCloud will trigger if a user has a Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook account within their Gmail inbox forwarding settings. This will allow you to see if they were forwarding to their personal email in the past like our example below:



Below are some examples of how this will appear in BetterCloud for Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook once the existing forwarding rules in the inbox settings have triggered the alert:

Email Forwarded to Gmail:


Email Forwarded to Yahoo:


Email Forwarded to Outlook:


Important Requirements:

  • Syncs to retrieve newly created Email Forwarding settings gets kicked off every 12 hours. The forwarding rule must sync in before the Alert will trigger. For more information about our syncs per provider please refer to this Help Center article.
  • Using Workflows to disable the user’s forwarding rule will not remove the rule from the alert nor will it remove the forwarding rule from their Inbox settings. The forwarding rule would need to be deleted in the user’s Gmail settings to be removed from the BetterCloud alert. 
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