Changing Primary G Suite Domain: BetterCloud Considerations



There may come a time when changes to your organization require that your primary G Suite domain name be changed. As BetterCloud associates various records with your domain name and the primary email addresses of your users, it's import to note a few additional steps that may be required, in order to ensure that our services continue to function normally.

Below you'll find the three scenarios we encounter most often, and the steps that you can take to address them. 

Changing Primary Domain in the Google Admin Console

G Suite makes the changing of your primary domain a fairly straightforward process in the Admin Console. It involves first adding the new domain as a secondary or subdomain, and then switching it to the primary designation. Before this latter step takes place, however, information about this new subdomain should be synced into BetterCloud: this will be our only opportunity to do so, and ensure that it is associated with the primary domain we already have recorded. Then, once the primary designation is changed, it will have no effect on our records. 

Domain information can only be synced into BetterCloud through association with user data. therefore: 

1. Create a new subdomain in the Google Admin Console, following the instructions provided by Google Support: Add More Domains to your G Suite Account

2. In the Admin Console, associate a user account primarily with this subdomain. This will involve navigating to the "Account" section of the user's profile, and changing their primary email address to that of the subdomain.

If you wish to limit interference with existing users, please utilize an admin account or test/service account for this purpose.

3. A Directory sync must run in BetterCloud for G Suite, to bring these user changes (and your new subdomain) into our system. You can choose to either wait for your domain's next scheduled sync to run, or start a new one manually. You can find more information about both scheduled and manual syncs here: Syncs in BetterCloud for G Suite

4. To ensure that either a manual or scheduled sync has completed successfully, you can navigate to the Activity Logs section of BetterCloud for G Suite, where successfully completed syncs will be listed in green. Clicking on a listing will provide the date and time of completion. 

5. You can confirm that your subdomain has been incorporated into BetterCloud for G Suite by navigating to Directory > Users > Explore, and locating the subdomain in the dropdown menu that should now appear in the top left corner of the page.

With this, BetterCloud has been fully prepared! You can now give your subdomain primary designation without risk of affecting our app. 

Changing All User Email Addresses to a Subdomain

If you wish to maintain your primary domain, but make greater use of a subdomain by moving users to it, this is also achievable in BetterCloud! 

To begin, follow steps 1-5 in the method described above: this will sync your new subdomain's information into BetterCloud, making it accessible to our tools. 

Next, use the Bulk Update Tool for users in BetterCloud for G Suite, to change the primary email addresses of the users you wish to move to this subdomain. 

Migrating Data Between Two Separate G Suite Accounts

When moving your organization from one separate G Suite account to another, Google offers many tools to help you migrate data created with their apps. BetterCloud does not currently offer migration services, or tools to assist with this process. 

In order to set up BetterCloud on your new G Suite domain, you must register it from scratch. Please contact your BetterCloud Customer Success Manager directly, or email for assistance with this new registration, and to ensure that all billing and subscription details are updated to reflect your new domain. 

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