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Welcome to the new BetterCloud: The first-ever Multi-SaaS Management Platform. This article will touch on our recently launched platform and its companion in our existing app, help you find more information about our new tools and services, and address any questions you may have about impact and opportunities for your domain. 

About BetterCloud

From its inception, BetterCloud was conceived as an empowerment tool for the IT Admin: a central, unifying platform through which an organization's entire SaaS infrastructure can be secured, managed and maintained. This new platform embodies our goal, by integrating an initial set of third party applications into our features and tools, with more on the way.

Click here to read the full release blog post from our CEO: The SaaS-Powered Workplace: The Present & Future of Work

BetterCloud vs BetterCloud for G Suite

For several years now, IT admins across the globe have used the existing suite of BetterCloud tools to secure and manage their G Suite domains, while providing us with feedback for improvement and enhancement. This existing app is now titled BetterCloud for G Suite. 

Our efforts to incorporate the feedback we've received and uniquely address the needs of the SaaS-powered workplace have coalesced into the new app we have now released: this app is simply titled BetterCloud. 

BetterCloud for G Suite and BetterCloud are currently designed to work in tandem with each other: the robust tools offered in BetterCloud for G Suite, and its extensive use of Google APIs allow for granular, near-real time management of your G Suite domain. BetterCloud builds onto these existing features by harnessing push notifications from Google and other SaaS products, to enhance actions with automation, offer highly tailored alerts, and gain a detailed snapshot of user service adoption across your entire SaaS environment. 

You can find more information about new tools in BetterCloud here:

BetterCloud Help Articles

You can find more information about existing tools in BetterCloud for G Suite here: 

BetterCloud for G Suite Help Articles

Newly purchasing domains, and domains with existing subscriptions to the Enterprise version of BetterCloud for G Suite will already have access to our full suite of tools across both apps. A new tiered structure for BetterCloud subscriptions is now also being offered, to help you make the most of your integrations. To review our pricing and service structure, please see here: BetterCloud Pricing

BetterCloud for G Suite and BetterCloud will continue to exist together for some time, until the new BetterCloud app has exceeded parity with the existing app. At that time, more information will become available regarding the deprecation of BetterCloud for G Suite. 


The new BetterCloud platform now includes possible integrations with a suite of core SaaS products. When you connect one of these products in your BetterCloud platform, its data will be incorporated into all of our current features and overviews, and actions targeting these products will be integrated into our tools. This allows you to work seamlessly across products within one app.

In addition to enhancing our existing tools further, our teams are also working hard to introduce new features and integrate additional service options: our goal is to exceed parity in function with the existing BetterCloud for G Suite app, improve performance, and connect with additional products that are crucial to your IT landscape.

If you'd like to request an integration with a particular SaaS product, please click here: Request an Integration

If you are an existing customer, and would like to speak with your account manager regarding your subscription and making the most of the new BetterCloud app, please email: success@bettercloud.com

If you're new to BetterCloud, and would like to work with a strategic technology advisor to address the needs of your organization, please click here: Request a Demo


For more information regarding the new BetterCloud app, please see our FAQ here

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