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BetterCloud is now the leading SaaS Operations Management platform! This means that you can now integrate multiple apps into your BetterCloud workspace, and use our tools to seamlessly manage users and data across your organization.

This article will detail the sections and tools in BetterCloud where you can find integrated Dropbox functionality. 

Integrating Dropbox with BetterCloud

Before any functionality will be available for an app in BetterCloud, the app must first be connected and verified. You can find instructions for adding the Dropbox integration here.

If you are using the Dropbox Standard Plan, BetterCloud is unable to receive some events from your event feed due to API limitations. Your files will be synced in once Dropbox is added as an Integration, but newly created files afterwards will not be synced as they come in through the event feed.


Alerts in BetterCloud allow you customize notifications across your organization, helping you to stay up to date on priority items. There are a variety of alerts available for Dropbox in BetterCloud, which you can survey by clicking on the Triggered or Manage Alerts options in the left navigation menu. Once you are in the Manage Alerts view, you can filter by your Dropbox Integration to explicitly view your Dropbox Alerts:


Alerts in BetterCloud currently available for the Dropbox Integration can be found here: Dropbox Alerts in BetterCloud

For more information and instructions for setting up a new alert, please see here: Alerts


Users and groups from your domain's Dropbox account are available in the BetterCloud directory. They will be marked with the Dropbox logo in the Application column on each Directory page:


Please note that users may have accounts in more than one service, which would cause them to appear with multiple Integration icons listed if “Grouped”. More information about a particular user can be found by clicking on the directory name listed.

Read more about Users here: Users

Read more about Groups here: Groups

File Management

The Files section of BetterCloud is home to file and folder data from your integrations, including Dropbox.

Dropbox files and folders in Files section of the platform will be marked with the Dropbox icon and Integration name listed in the "Integration" column.


Recursive Permissions

BetterCloud is hard at work to deliver recursive permissions support to BetterCloud for Dropbox customers. 

What is Recursive Permissions?

Dropbox allows you to leverage folders that you can store both files and more folders within. By default the permissions of the files and folders stored within a particular folder will inherit the permissions (how it’s shared).

  1. If a private file is moved into a publicly available folder, the private file will automatically become publicly available by inheriting the permissions of the folder it now lives within. 

This is an important and common use case for organizations leveraging Dropbox. It makes it incredibly efficient to share files to the right groups of people, but it also leaves room for files to be inadvertently exposed. 

What does BetterCloud Solve Today?

BetterCloud provides data protection capabilities against file exposures within Dropbox teams. However, BetterCloud doesn’t have the capability (yet) to enforce policies on files that are implicitly exposed (ex. inherit a public link from a folder). Explicit permissions (ex. public link added directly to a file or folder) are fully supported for data protection policies, and visibility and reporting. 

When Will BetterCloud Solve This?

This is an invaluable use case for BetterCloud to solve for our customers. We’re already working hard on this and expect to have a solution in place in Q3 2021. 

What can be done today?

For Team Folders with sensitive content, we recommend setting minimal sharing permissions on those to prevent unintended access. See here for more information on managing Team Folder sharing settings.


When viewing the Groups or Users Directory grid, an "Action" menu of available options will appear in the top right hand corner. Dropbox actions will be available for selection in the Action menu with or without the selection of entities on the grid.



Dropbox actions are available in the Workflow Builder, organized under the Dropbox header in the THEN section, and marked with the Dropbox logo. These can be combined with events, conditions and actions for other integrated apps, allowing you to build a truly cross-platform automation.

Additional events, conditions and actions for Dropbox are coming soon!





  • BetterCloud does not provide a File's full activity history. app.bettercloud.com only provides the most recent permissions synced in from Dropbox for a given File. See this article for more on expected Sync times.
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