[Slack] Workflows Error Message: Set User's Title



If you received the following error message in response to this Slack action in your workflow, this article can help you troubleshoot possible causes: 

"Why it failed:

This action may have failed for one of the following reasons: User has been disabled or does not exist.

Our suggestion:

Please check if the user is active."

In this case, the action in your workflow may have failed because the user in question is disabled in your Slack team, has since been deleted, or otherwise does not exist. For troubleshooting this item, please read on below.

User is Active

To confirm that the noted user is active in your Slack team, please navigate into your Slack instance. Locate the search bar in the top right corner of the window and search for the user by name or username, to see if a record appears. 

If you cannot find a result for this user, he or she may not exist or has since been deactivated. 

If you are an admin for your Slack team, you can navigate to the Team Members page to view deactivated users in their own tab, and enable them again if needed. 

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