Workflows Error Message: Archive Group



If you received the following error message in response to your workflow, this article can help you troubleshoot possible causes: 

"Why it failed:

This action may have failed for one of the following reasons: Google Groups for Business may be disabled; Group is already archived or no longer exists; BetterCloud out of sync.

Our suggestion:

Please check if: (1) Google Groups for Business is enabled in the Admin Console: (2) Group currently exists and is active (3) Directory is recently synced in BetterCloud."

In this case, the action in your workflow may have failed for one of following reasons: Google Groups for Business may be disabled for your domain, the group in question may not exist or has already been archived, and/or BetterCloud may be out of sync with your Google data. For troubleshooting each of these items, please read on below. 

Google Groups for Business is Disabled

To confirm that Google Groups for Business is enabled for your domain, navigate to > Apps > G Suite. Locate the 'three dot' icon next to the listing for Google Groups for Business, and select "ON for everyone".

Group is Already Archived or No Longer Exists

To confirm that the group established in your workflow currently exists on your domain in an active state, and can therefore be archived, please utilize the search bar at the top of your BetterCloud window; existing groups will auto-populate a selection, and direct you to the appropriate profile page. 

You may also survey all groups by navigating to Directory > Groups > Explore.

On the right side of the group's profile page, you'll be able to see the current status of the group. Only active groups can be archived. 

If this group is not visible in BetterCloud, it is likely the the group has been deleted, has not yet been created, or was created in the Google Admin Console and has not yet synced into BetterCloud.


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