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The Files section of BetterCloud allows you to view the file and folder contents of your domain's connected apps, audit details about particular items, and take actions against items you select.

Please note: If you're looking for the Drive Audit functionality governing Google Drive data in BetterCloud for G Suite, please click here.

Explore Files

The Files section of the app can be accessed via the left side navigation bar. When you click on it, you'll be directed to the Files section of the platform.


Here you can see all existing files saved in accounts across your domain's integrations, along with details in the following columns: 

  1. "Name" - The name of the file
  2. "Integration" - The application where the file is stored
  3. "Permission" - exposure settings for the file
  4. "Shared With" - Lists the number of entities that the file has been shared with
  5. "Owner" - lists the item's owner by username
  6. "File-Type" - shows the type of file, if it is a commonly recognized extension  
  7. "Last Updated Date" - shows the date and timestamp of the file's last update


You can further manage, sort and filter your column results in the following ways, by clicking on each column header to see its dropdown menu:

  1. "Name" - Can search for a particular document name by "Starts with", "Contains" or "Exact Match"
  2. "Integration" can filter for all files from a specific integration
  3. "Permission" can filter or search for all files set to a specific exposure type
  4. "Shared With" offers the ability to search for a particular collaborator by "Starts with", "Contains" or "Exact Match"
  5. "Owner" offers the ability to search for a particular owner email address by "Starts with", "Contains" or "Exact Match"
  6. "File-Type" can be filtered by common file type; file types can also be searched for
  7. "Last Updated Date" can be filtered to show all files updated within a set date range

In additional, all columns except for "Name" can be hidden from your view with the "Hide Column" dropdown selection, and returned to your view via the"Show Hidden Column" selection.

Three additional columns, which are hidden by default, can be added to your view via the "Show Hidden Column" selection:

"File Size" - Show's the file's size in KB

"Date Created" - the date that the file was first created in the associated application (if the file was first created using a desktop application, that date will not be reflected here)

"Owner ID" - lists the owner of the item by unique provider ID, rather than username

"Document ID" - unique identifier of a file per Provider; generated when a document is created

"Path" - where a file or folder is located

Here's an example of what the "Permission" dropdown menu will look like:

Click here for a more detailed glossary of BetterCloud file terminology.

Take Action on Files

Individual data items can be selected and deselected by clicking on their dedicated boxes. Your selections will be highlighted in blue. When you select any number of data items, your selection will be reflected in a change to the section's top navigation bar: the bar will turn green, your number of selections will be represented on the left, and you will see a new option for "Actions" on the right. 


When you have selected the data items upon which you wish to take action, clicking on the "Actions" button in this state will cause a dropdown menu of available actions to appear. Clicking the button again will cause the dropdown menu to retract. 

Available actions are based on the grid you are in, and are organized by associated integration. On the left side of the dropdown menu, you can view all available actions, or filter by a specific integration. A search bar is available at the top of the dropdown, if you wish to search for a particular action. 


Note: Pay close attention to the integrations that your selected data items are associated with. If an action is chosen from an integration that your item is not associated with, the item will be skipped if action is taken. (For example: Executing a Slack action on a data item only associated with Dropbox will be skipped.) Remember that you can always filter your Files grid's visible results by common criteria, by clicking on each column header.

When you click on the name of an action, a right side flyout tab will appear. Here, you can fill in the necessary criteria for the action. When all criteria in the fields have been met, the "Take Action" button can be clicked. 

Note: The "Selected Files (#)" will always be the targeted items that you previously selected from the grid page. 


To exit out of the tab without taking action, click "Cancel", the "x" icon on the tab, or click on the directory screen below the flyout. To proceed with your action, click "Take Action".

Monitor Action Status

Once you take an action, you will be brought automatically back to your Files grid, and a popup message will appear stating: "We need a little more time to complete the, [action name], action. Check the audit logs for updates."


The BetterCloud Audit Logs can be accessed on the left side navigation bar. This page will show the status and history of actions your admins have taken in BetterCloud.


For more information on the audit log, including adding columns to view additional information, please see here: Audit Logs in BetterCloud

View and Manage Item Details

When you click on a file's name from the Files grid, you'll be directed to a new right side flyout tab containing the file's information. This is broken down into two boxes: 

The top box is reserved for file details such as name, location, owner, size, visibility, and associated dates.

The bottom box will list specific permissions to this file by three columns: 

  • "Permission" will list the name of the permission, which can be sorted in ascending or descending alphabetical order, or filtered by permission name You can also select these entities by their check boxes, and perform actions on them from the "Actions" dropdown menu in the top right corner of your BetterCloud window. 
  • "Type" will list the permission level, which can be sorted in ascending or descending alphabetical order, or filtered by specific level
  • "Account" will list the user account with the associated permission, and can be sorted in ascending or descending alphabetical order

The "Actions" dropdown menu from the Files grid will be available for you to use; actions selected and executed here will only apply to the particular file or folder whose details you are viewing, unless you have selected permissions from the Permissions column; in this case, actions will apply to the permissions you have selected, rather the document contained in the flyout tab, as a whole. 

To leave the tab, click on the "x" icon in the top left corner, or click on the main Files grid still visible below.


Important / Requirements

Data associated with other third party apps will only be available after the app has been connected to BetterCloud. For more information on adding an integration, please see here

Updates or changes to Dropbox data made in Dropbox will be reflected in BetterCloud within approximately one minute of the change being made.

Updates or changes to Slack data made in Slack will be reflected in BetterCloud in near real time of the change being made.

Pay close attention to the integrations that your selected data items are associated with. If an action is chosen from an integration that your item is not associated with, the action will not execute if taken. (For example: Selecting a Slack action for a data item only associated with Dropbox will not execute if taken.)

More Information

Audit Logs in BetterCloud

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