The Connectors section of BetterCloud allows you to pair other third party apps with your BetterCloud instance, supporting integration and automation across multiple platforms used by your organization in a single interface.

This article will guide you through connecting a new app in BetterCloud.

Explore Connectors

The Connectors section of the app can be accessed via the left side navigation bar. When you click on it, you'll be directed to the Connectors section in the center of the page.

Here you can see: 

  1. All existing apps whose connections are supported
  2. Apps that have already been connected, which will be marked with a blue and white check mark tab 
  3. Hovering over a selection will allow you to retrieve more information about the app, its connection features and necessary permissions. From here you can also add the app as a connected service.

When you select "Details" for a particular app, a right side flyout tab will appear. Here you can: 

  1. View the app's name and description
  2. Find more information about the app's available services, when connected 
  3. Find more information about the permissions necessary to support connection
  4. Add/connect the app to your BetterCloud instance
  5. Close this flyout tab 

Connecting an App

When you click on "Add Connector" from the app's hover-over view, or "Add app" from the app's flyout tab, you'll be directed to a new right side flyout tab containing: 

  1. The app's name and description
  2. A button to direct you back to the app's "Details" flyout tab
  3. the option to close the flyout tab
  4. An option to accept the app's scopes (i.e. necessary permissions) in order to create a connection
  5. An option to verify access to our app, via the scopes that have been accepted
When connecting an app, it is very important to complete these steps fully, and in the order you are prompted with. Please note that the types of permissions necessary, the number of separate scopes to accept, and the acceptance process on third party sites you are directed to will vary from app to app. 
In this example, we'll be connecting the Slack app. Begin by clicking on the green button in the center of the tab:
You will be automatically redirected to a page owned by this app, where you will be prompted to enter your login credentials and authorize permissions:
You will then be redirected back to your flyout tab in BetterCloud, where you will be prompted to verify access. Click the green "Verify Access" button:
When access is verified, you should receive a successful notification to this effect at the top of the page. The flyout tab's body will also list the various areas of BetterCloud where this app's services will now be available:

Disconnecting an App

To disconnect an app that is no longer needed, please contact Support.

Important / Requirements

Connecting third party apps will require that you have the necessary admin credentials in those services to grant permissions.

If you experience difficulties connecting apps to your BetterCloud instance, please contact Support.

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