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The Connectors section of BetterCloud is where you can view, manage and connect an array of different third party SaaS applications to your BetterCloud domain. BetterCloud supports multiple instances of an individual connector, fostering integration and automation across the multiple platforms used by your organization in a single interface.

This article will guide you through the Connectors section in BetterCloud, the management of existing connectors, and how multiple connectors will appear elsewhere in the BetterCloud app.

Exploring Connectors

The Connectors section of the app can be accessed via the left side navigation bar. When you click on it, you'll be directed to the Connectors section for an option to add a new Connector on the top right corner:


Connected apps will be listed at the top of the page. To view more details about a connected app, hover over its icon and click "Details". A prompt will appear in the center of the page, where you can view more information about the app's available services, required permissions, and use cases.


Renaming Connectors

The most important way to distinguish between multiple enabled connectors, especially of the same type, is by name. Naming a new connector is the final step in the creation process, but connectors can also be renamed at a later date.

To rename a connector, navigate to the Connectors section of BetterCloud, hover over the enabled connector in question, and click on the "Details" button:


A prompt will appear in the center containing details about the connector. Click on its name at the top of the tab to edit its name and click the checkbox to save.



Viewing Connectors Elsewhere in BetterCloud

To help you distinguish between your enabled connectors in BetterCloud, as well as which directory entities, data items and historical actions are associated with your connectors, BetterCloud grids and filters will always list your connectors by name. For example:


In the Alerts section, the "Connector" column will list an active alert's associated connector by name.


Once an alert is triggered, it will appear in the Triggered Alerts section and can be filtered by provider.



In the Groups Lists in the BetterCloud Directory, the "Connector" column will list the associated connector by name. In the Users List, if the “Groups Connectors” option is selected, these names will be truncated to display just the connector icon, since users can be associated with multiple unique connectors. If a user is associated with more than one connector of the same type, this will be represented by a number count over the relevant connector icon.


When viewing a user's User 360 profile flyout tab, any connectors associated with the entity's account will be listed by name.



In the Files grid, the "Connector" column will list the associated connector by name.



If you have multiple Connectors installed by the same provider, you can choose the desired Connector from the "Select Connector" dropdown of the "WHEN" section when creating a Workflow:

Choose_Connector_in_WF.pngIf your Workflow is being triggered by an Alert and there are multiple instances of a connector with active alerts, these alerts can be filtered for in the WHEN section, by selecting the connector's name:


When creating a new role in the Privileges section of BetterCloud, you can select privileges for all enabled connectors, which will be distinguished by name:


Audit Logs

In the Audit Logs section of BetterCloud, if a historical action is associated with a particular connector, the "Connector" column will list that connector by name.


Connecting an App

Adding a new connector in BetterCloud is a multi-step process, requiring an admin with necessary privileges to initiate, accept and verify permissions. You can find a full set of instructions here: Adding New/Multiple Connectors

Disconnecting an App

To disconnect an app that is no longer needed in your BetterCloud instance, please contact Support.

Important / Requirements

  • Connecting third party apps will require that you have the necessary admin credentials in those services to grant permissions.
  • Please note that some connectors may require additional installation or verification steps outside of BetterCloud. Please see the Connectors section of the Help Center, where there are step-by-step walkthrough articles for each Connector.
  • If you experience difficulties connecting apps to your BetterCloud instance, please contact Support.
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