The new Alerts section of BetterCloud allows you to enable and customize alerts for your domain, to help keep you apprised of security concerns and monitor important settings.

Explore Alerts

The Alerts section of BetterCloud can be accessed via the left side navigation bar. When you click on it, you'll be provided with two dropdown menu options:

"New" will take you directly to "Alert Settings", where you can configure new alerts for your domain.

"Manage" will direct you to the "Alerts" section, where you can view and manage existing alerts that are already configured. 

On the "Alerts" page you can see: 

  1. All alerts that are currently active, information about which are displayed in several columns
  2. A "Settings" button, which grants you access to further configuration options in "Alert Settings"

When you click on each column header on the Alerts page, you'll see a dropdown menu of various options for sorting your results: 

  1. "Name" will provide the option to sort in ascending or descending alphabetical order
  2. "Application" can sort in ascending or descending alphabetical order by app name, or filter only for a particular selected app 
  3. "Severity" can sort in ascending or descending alphabetical order by severity status, or filter only for a particular status
  4. "Triggered" can sort in ascending or descending order by the date that the alert was first triggered, or  filter only for a particular date window, up to the last 90 days
  5. "Count" can sort in ascending or descending order by the number of instances of the alert detected
  6. "Threshold" can sort in ascending or descending order by the number of instances necessary to trigger the alert
  7. "Status" can sort in ascending or descending alphabetical order by read status, or filter only for a particular status

For example, here's what the "Triggered" dropdown menu will look like:

When you click on an existing alert's name, in blue, a right side flyout tab will show you additional details about the alert, including creation settings and a history of results. Results can be selected from their own subgrid, and available actions can be taken on them from the "Actions" menu in the top bar.  

You can close this tab by clicking on the "X" icon at the top of the tab, or by clicking on the main Alerts page below. 

Alert Settings

When you click on "Settings" button in the top right corner of the Alerts page, or select "Alerts" > "New" from the left navigation menu in BetterCloud, you'll be brought to the Alert Settings page, where you'll find the following: 

  1. A left side menu to view existing alerts by app
  2. In the center, a list of existing alerts associated with the selected app, with columns for alert name and severity - these are displayed in descending alphabetical order by name
  3. In the top right corner, a button that will take you back to the main Alerts page, and a button for suggesting new alerts - **please see "Creating/Suggesting Alerts" below for more information**
When you click on an alert's name, a right side flyout will offer the ability to change the alert's severity setting, number of instances necessary to trigger the alert, and notification preferences. 


You can choose how alerts will notify you of thresholds being met or new instances of an active alert:

  1. "Display alert on the Cloud Insight Center" - this notification option must be enabled for the alert to appear on the Alerts page in BetterCloud 
  2. "Send an alert notification email" - BetterCloud will send an email notification with the message you enter to the address you specify
  3. "Send an alert SMS message" - BetterCloud will send an SMS text message you enter to the phone number you specify
  4. "Send an alert via Webhook" - BetterCloud will send a message of your own formatting to any integrated app that utilizes webhooks, such as Slack

Creating/Suggesting Alerts

The ability to create an alert will be available in BetterCloud soon. For the moment, please note that a "Suggest Alert" button is visible on the Alert Settings page, if you wish to submit new alert ideas to the BetterCloud Product Team. 

Alerts as Workflow Events

Alerts in BetterCloud can now be used to trigger and automate workflow actions across connectors! When a configured alert is used as the WHEN event in a published workflow, triggers that cause the alert's threshold to be exceeded, and the alert to "activate", will also trigger the workflow to run and take its set actions. This combination will allow you to dynamically manage security concerns, redundancies, and routine admin tasks across your organization.

For more information, please see here: Using an Alert as a Workflow Event

Important / Requirements

If configuring an alert to notify you via SMS text message, please note that this functionality will only support U.S. domestic phone numbers. 

Alerts associated with other third party apps, and webhook notifications sent to other apps, will only be available after the app has been connected to BetterCloud. For more information on connecting an app, please see here

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