Managing Drive Policy Violations in End User View



Domain admins can utilize BetterCloud to create Drive Compliance Policies, which are designed to monitor Google Drive content for specific criteria and flag any documents violating that criteria. As an end user, if your content is flagged by a Compliance Policy, BetterCloud End User View can help you view current violations and take steps to manage them.

End User View

With End User View enabled in BetterCloud, navigating into the app at will present you with a personalized End User dashboard, as well as an alert to notify you of any violation flags your data has received. 

Clicking on the alert will expand the "User Alerts" section of the page, to show you a more detailed list of your violating items.

Managing Violations

In your "User Alerts" expanded view, hovering over a document's violation flag icon will provide you with the name of the compliance policy that flagged this document. 

For further management options, you can select documents either by their individual check boxes, or all documents using the "TITLE" check box, and then select "Manage Violations": 

Choosing to "Correct Sharing Violations" will authorize BetterCloud to remove collaborators from these documents, and set their visibility to "private", in order to bring them into compliance with your admin's policy settings. 

Choosing "Request Exception" will send a notification to your admin, asking that these documents be precluded from the policy's scope. Your admin can mark your documents as exceptions in his own BetterCloud view, at which point these violations will cease to appear in End User View.  

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