How to Test a Workflow



After creating a workflow, you may want to test it to make sure that it’s working as desired. There are two main ways to test a Workflow:

  1. Running the Workflow On-Demand
  2. Recreating the event that triggers the Workflow

Running a Workflow On-Demand

The simplest way to test a Workflow is to run it from either the Directory or Files grid. While this does not test how any automatic triggers you have set up function, it will give you the quickest insight into what actions the Workflow takes, and make sure it’s functioning exactly as you would like once it triggers. Please refer to our in-depth walkthrough on running On-Demand Workflows.

Recreating a Triggering Event

You may want to recreate the exact circumstances that will cause the Workflow to trigger in the future, in order to observe how the process looks from end to end.

In the example below we will use the user being moved into a Google Organizational Unit as a trigger, but the same process applies for essentially any event, regardless of integration.

To start, ensure that the user is not already a part of the Org Unit by clicking on their profile in BetterCloud and confirming their current Org Unit. Please note that Workflows will only trigger based on changes, so users already in that Org Unit will not cause the Workflow to trigger.


Execute the “Move User to Org Unit” action and move the user to the appropriate Org Unit.How_to_Test_a_Workflow-2.png

This action can be taken in the associated provider (in this case in the Google Admin Console) as well. Regardless of where the action is taken, all changes are subject to the provider sync times before the updates will sync in and trigger the Workflow.

Once the Org Unit has updated in the UI, the Workflow should trigger. You can confirm the results by navigating to the Manage Workflows page, clicking the carrot icon next to the Workflow, and clicking “View Results.” Each time a Workflow triggers it should generate an instance under the Workflow’s results.


If you run into any issues triggering a Workflow or with actions failing, we recommend that you follow the steps outline in our article on Workflows troubleshooting.

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