How to Test a Workflow


After creating a workflow, you may want to test it to make sure that it’s working as desired. 

In order to test your workflow, you’ll need to recreate the event that triggers it. Triggering event actions can be taken either in BetterCloud, or in the Google Admin Console. Actions taken in other third party services, such as Active Directory, will trigger your workflow when these changes have been synced back into the Admin Console.

For example, if your workflow is triggered by adding someone to a specific org unit, then you’ll want to add a user to that org unit to verify the workflow runs as intended. In this case, let’s say that you've created and published a workflow that adds users to the “Product” group when they’re added to the “Product” org unit.

First, navigate to Directory > Users > Explore, in BetterCloud, and select the user you want to test with.

From the user’s profile page, select “Edit Org Unit”.

Select the appropriate org unit and save your changes.


Refresh your browser.

The user’s profile page will update with the new group membership.


We can also check the user's profile in Google’s Admin Console and see the change.


Finally, navigate back to BetterCloud, and select Workflows to view your Workflows ManagerFind the workflow you tested, and select the “View Results” option from the workflow's dropdown menu.

This flyout page will include the workflow's history, and will display an audit log of the workflow's run dates.

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