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This article will provide an introduction to the Workflow Manager, where you can view your workflows in both draft and active states, and see active workflow results and audit histories. From the Workflow Manager you can also activate/deactivate or delete a workflow, or navigate back into the workflow's Builder view, in order to make edits and changes. 

To access the Workflow Manager, select Workflows > Manage using the navigation option from the left side of your window.

The Workflow Manager shows a list view of all of your domain's workflows, in both draft and active states. The list's default columns include the workflow's title, creator, activation status, and a "carrot" dropdown menu icon containing additional options.

You can sort the "Workflow", "Created By" and "Status" columns in ascending or descending alphabetical order, or search within the column for an entry based on "Starts With", "Contains", or "Exact Match" content.

From the "carrot" dropdown menu, you'll find options to edit, activate/deactivate (depending on current status), clone, and delete your workflow. You'll also see an option to view a workflow's results.

Upon clicking "View Results", a slide-tab from the right side of the app will show additional creation details, a complete audit history of the workflow's actions, along with each action's run dates and completion status. These results can be sorted by completion status via the "Completed" column.

If you wish to view more details regarding the success or failure of a particular action in this audit history, click "View Report". Failures in particular will include which portion of the workflow did not complete successfully, and an error message with included troubleshooting tips. 

You can find detailed troubleshooting articles regarding any Workflows errors you see in your Workflow Manager, in the Error Messages section of our Help Center. You may also contact Support for additional assistance.

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