How to Activate a Workflow


Activating a workflow is the process of starting a workflow running for the first time, after you've created it. Once active, workflows will trigger based on the conditions you have selected.

To get started, click Workflows from the BetterCloud for G Suite top navigation bar.

When you have reached the new BetterCloud app, select Workflows > Manage using the navigation option from the left side of your window.

Locate your workflow, and click the "carrot" icon on the right side of it's listing. In your dropdown menu options, select "Edit Workflow". This will direct you to the Workflow Builder.

In the setup portion of the Workflow Builder, click the option to activate your workflow. 

Your workflow is now active.

Active workflows will automatically run whenever a triggering event is detected. For example, if you configured the workflow to run whenever any user is added to a specific org unit, the workflow will run whenever BetterCloud detects that event has happened. See the Workflow Events, Conditions, and Actions article for a more detailed explanation of events.

While it’s possible to save incomplete workflows as drafts, it’s not possible to activate them until all criteria have been selected.

The Workflow Builder will notify you if you attempt to activate an incomplete workflow.

For next steps, please see How to Test a Workflow, and How to Deactivate and Reactivate a Workflow.

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