Workflows Error Message: Reset Password



If you received the following error message in response to your workflow, this article can help you troubleshoot possible causes:  

"Why it failed:

This action may have failed for one of the following reasons: User deleted or suspended; Password doesn’t meet validation requirements set in Google’s Admin Console.

Our suggestion:

Please check if: (1) New password meets the requirements set in Google's Admin Console (2) User has been deleted."

In this case, the action in your workflow may have failed for one of following reasons: the user in question may no longer exist on your domain (has already been deleted), or the password specified in your workflow may not meet your domain's Admin Console requirements. For troubleshooting each of these items, please read on below. 

User No Longer Exists

To confirm that the user affected by your workflow currently exists in an active state on your domain, please utilize the search bar at the top of your BetterCloud window; existing user names will auto-populate a selection, and direct you to the appropriate profile page. 

You may also survey all users by navigating to Directory > Users > Explore. 

If you cannot find your user in BetterCloud, he or she may have already been deleted. If so, you can view recently deleted users (and restore them, if necessary) for up to five days after their deletion date in the Admin Console. Please see: Restore a Recently Deleted User

If you see any discrepancies in your directory in BetterCloud vs the Admin Console, you can run a sync to resolve them.

Password Does Not Meet Requirements

To view your domain's password requirements in the Admin Console, navigate to > Security > Basic settings.

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