Workflows Error Message: Delete Secondary Calendars



If you received the following error message in response to your workflow, this article can help you troubleshoot possible causes:  

"Why it failed:

This action may have failed for one of the following reasons: Calendar service disabled for user.

Our suggestion:

Please check if Calendar service is enabled for this user."

In this case, the action in your workflow may have failed because Google Calendar is not enabled for this user's org unit, in the Google Admin Console. For troubleshooting this item, please read on below. 

Calendars Disabled for Org Unit

To confirm that Google Calendar is enabled for this user's org unit, navigate to > Apps > G Suite. Locate the 'three dot' icon next to the listing for Calendars, and select either "ON for everyone", or ensure that the appropriate org unit is included among the org units for which Calendars is enabled.

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