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  1. Enabling Access to BetterCloud
  2. Disabling Access to BetterCloud
  3. Redirecting and Landing Page
  4. Important/Requirements

In BetterCloud for G Suite, you can selectively control which of your end users has access to our app. For end users you'd like to prevent from accessing BetterCloud, you can either redirect them to the URL of your choice, or you can display a custom landing page. 

Enabling Access to BetterCloud

Navigate to "End User Settings".


Select Enabled from the dropdown if you would like all users to have access to BetterCloud.

On the very right of the end user settings, you'll see an add exception link. This will allow you to add a user as an exception to the "Enabled" setting you just selected. Click this and enter the name of the user (or org unit) you'd like the exception to apply to. You can add more by clicking the '+' button (shown below).

Disabling Access to BetterCloud

Alternatively, you can set BetterCloud access to disabled as the default, and then add exceptions for users you'd like to have access to BetterCloud. 

Redirecting and Landing Page

Notice that when you set the access settings to disabled, another group of settings appears below. These settings allow you to pick between redirecting the BetterCloud-disabled user to a new URL, or displaying a landing page that lets the user know that they don't have access to BetterCloud. 
Lastly, click Save Settings to save!


In order to sync properly, BetterCloud must be ON for all users in the Google Admin Console - with the end-user redirect feature, you can safely have BetterCloud turned on for everyone while still having control over which of your users have access to BetterCloud. To ensure BetterCloud is ON for everyone in your domain, navigate to the Admin Console, and go to Apps > Marketplace Apps. Locate BetterCloud, and on the very right click the three dots. Set the option to "ON for everyone".

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