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Welcome to the BetterCloud Pro-Tip Series! BetterCloud offers many features for the professional admin, so to make things easier, we've created this article that breaks down BetterCloud's most useful features and tools, and why you should use them to help run your domain!

1) Drive Audit

Why? Take a comprehensive inventory of your Drive, revealing details about Docs exposure, collaborators, and more.

Review high-level Drive data such as the sum total of documents across your domain and sharing trends over time, paying close attention to spikes or anomalies. Filter Docs by owner, file type, last modified date, and exposure level. View who has access to documents, both on a user and domain level, paying special attention to external collaborators who should no longer have access to your organization’s information.

[Audit Your Drive]

2) Drive Compliance

Why? Have BetterCloud work for you to identify documents in real-time as they are created, shared, in violation, and more.

Detect and remediate data exposure and documents containing sensitive information using regular expression searching. Then, enforce ongoing compliance with enhanced Drive Compliance policies that are faster, more powerful, and identify policy violations in real-time.

[Set Policies; Get Compliant!]

3) Audit Third Party Apps

Why? Users can install third party apps and grant access to their Drive, Calendar, Contacts, and more. Many of these permissions are asked by untrusted parties.

Use Apps Explorer to audit all third-party apps that users have installed. Automate users’ compliance with company policy by creating Apps Explorer policies, and keep your domain secure by blacklisting, whitelisting, or automatically revoking access to a risky application.

[Audit Third Party Apps]

4) Bulk Directory Management

Why? Full-featured bulk management that's not available in the Admin Console.

Manage users, group settings and group memberships in bulk from an all-in-one console. User accounts that were provisioned prior to using BetterCloud are likely missing rich profile information, due to a lack of fields available in the Admin Console. BetterCloud enables you to store essential information in users’ profiles, such as multiple phone numbers or email addresses, department and manager info.

[Update Users]

5) Email Delegations

Why? Gain access to users’ inboxes – login and notification not required.

By allowing multiple users to easily access the same account, email delegations can be helpful for fielding emails when a colleague is out of town or granting access to an executive’s inbox to an assistant, email delegations allow multiple users to easily access the same account. Without logging into a user’s account or requesting access, quickly toggle between email inboxes.

[Manage Email Delegations]

6) Password Policies

Why? If you’re not managing passwords with SSO or another service, when’s the last time you forced a password change?

Strong passwords are the easiest way to secure your domain and prevent data loss. Resetting passwords often is key, too, in case an account is hacked. Reset passwords for users on a one-off basis (or delegate the responsibility to the helpdesk with access controls) or set a policy to require an automatic reset periodically.

[Create a Password Policy]

7) Custom Reporting Engine

Why? Identify custom data sets, such as any users on your domain that have left the organization but have not been deprovisioned properly.

Build custom reports and schedule them to run frequently to monitor changes over time, or pick from our selection of pre-made canned reports, such as the "All Groups and Their Members" report. With all of your G Suite data centralized in one console, BetterCloud is able to reveal trends, risks, and stats about all of the activities on your domain. Set reports to run on a schedule in order to save time, and gain a large enough data set to monitor changes over time.

[Run Report]

8) Email Signatures

Why? No more copy and pasting necessary, use email signature templates to push out a signature from once to every single day.

Create a customized email signature for your users in order to enforce professional brand consistency. Start from scratch or use one of BetterCloud’s pre-made templates, then set a signature policy to ensure signature standardization and override any changes users make within Gmail settings. Apply an email signature to individual users, groups, Org Units, or the entire domain.

[Create an Email Signature]

9) Calendars

Why? There is no way to know who is sharing their calendar with whom, or even publicly.

Calendars are the centerpiece of scheduling and time management in G Suite, and improper calendar settings could mean a missed meeting or deadline. Use BetterCloud’s calendar management features to audit all calendars on your domain (filter by owner, calendar name, type, shared with, or exposure) and make adjustments to sharing settings in bulk.

[View Shared Calendars]

10) Domain Health and Insight Center

Why? See critical alerts on your domain before they become a problem.  

Proactively surface the information most important to your organization every time you log in. Set custom thresholds for alerts that matter to you across your domain, ranging from security violations to usage stats. Gauge your domain’s health by green, yellow, and red indicators.

[View Alerts Pending]

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