How to use Apps Butler without disabling Google Hangouts for the domain


*Please note: Google has eliminated services required by the Apps Butler to function - therefore, the Apps Butler has officially been deprecated by BetterCloud. Supporting articles in the BetterCloud Help Center will remain until all components of the Apps Butler tool have been removed from the BetterCloud for G Suite app. 


This article describes how to use Apps Butler without disabling Hangouts for the entire domain. It is a workaround as Apps Butler is intended to be used with Google Chat only.

In order to do this:

  1. Open your inbox (in

  2. In the chat box, click your name to access your settings
  3. Choose 'Revert to old chat' on the bottom of the settings drop-down
  4. You will see a confirmation pop-up, choose 'Revert to old chat'
  5. You should now see the old chat with with Apps Butler
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